Event Risk Assessment

Purple guide event planning

Key Points

  • The objectives for organisers should be to provide a safe, effective and resilient medical service, and to minimise the impact of the event on the local NHS.
  • Every event should have an appropriate level of medical cover, that is set out in a specific Medical Plan, and based on a comprehensive Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS)
  • Medical providers vary in capability and experience. Organisers should exercise due diligence in selecting one that is competent and reliable.
  • The medical provider should carry out a full risk assessment and produce an appropriate medical plan.
  • Organisers should ensure that medical staff are suitably qualified and be wary of designations which are not protected titles.
  • Proposed staffing levels and skill mix should be agreed by the organiser and the provider.
  • Medical facilities should be designed, sited, equipped and staffed in accordance with expected activity.
  • Reliable communications are important for effective working.
  • Patient records are confidential and can only be released under certain circumstances.
  • Medical and welfare services should work together to reduce harm and safeguard those who may be vulnerable.
  • Organisers should consider all phases of the event, including build, break, ingress and egress, as these all have their own challenges.
  • Organisers should ensure that the medical plan includes capacity for unexpected contingencies.

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